1. How is the Bachelor’s in Education degree program different from a B. Ed degree program? What are the job prospects related to this course?

Ans. The Bachelor’s in Education Degree program provided by Amity University is in no way similar to B.Ed program. B.Ed program is purely meant for aspiring teachers who want to get into the teaching profession and start their career as a teacher. But Amity’s Bachelor’s program is a degree program meant for all aspirants looking to be associated with the field of education, and not just be teachers. After completing this program, you can successfully pursue a career in the field of education and build your career around this course.

2. Is the course completely online?

Ans. Yes. You will get online access to the course. However, both Amity and ACT have provisions for Block Teaching wherein you can be there in a face-to-face setting and get all your queries answered by our expert faculty.

3. How much is the registration fee for a Bachelor’s program? Is it included in the admission fee?

Ans. The Registration Fee is 25,000 INR only.Yes, the registration fee is a part of the Admission Fee.

4. Which institution will provide me with the certificate after course completion?

Ans. After completion of the course, you will be awarded two certificates – BA in Education from Amity University and Diploma certificate from Asian College of Teachers.

5. What are the Diploma courses on offer along with the Bachelor’s program?

Ans. The Diploma courses are provided by Asian College of Teachers (ACT). You can choose from the 4 Diploma options – TEFL, Pre and Primary, Education Management and Special Education.

6. What are the provisions for discounts/scholarships?

Ans. We have provisions for scholarships and provide concessions in the fees to aspirants belonging to the following category:

  • Defence - Officer (15% Discount On General Fee)
  • Defence - JCO / PBOR (30% Discount On General Fee)
  • Discounts (10% Discount On 1st General Fee Paid)/ Physically challenged


Find out more about what our students feel about the courses

“The course was pleasant and I am satisfied. the tutor and co-coordinator were great. the course material is very useful.”

“I have learned a lot from this course and I am sure that it would help me a lot in my teaching profession.”

“It was worth it. It helped me to develop a fair understanding of students' behaviour and their requirements.”

“I really enjoyed working on the lesson plans and activities. Assignments have helped me to have a deeper understanding of the different aspects of teaching”