East Bridge College (EBC)

About East Bridge College

East Bridge College (EBC) is a private, independent, and innovative higher education institution that commits itself on delivering commendable distance learning opportunities to working adults. We, at EBC, want to ensure that our students receive the best quality of learning, and have, therefore, designed programs that are accredited by renowned educational bodies, are affordable, accessible, and highly flexible to align with the learners’ packed schedules. We provide 100% online, self-paced programs, which enable students to learn anytime anywhere.

East Bridge College is a duly registered post-secondary educational institution with the State Government of Delaware, United States of America (Registration File Number: 5121815 and Accredited with an EIN Number: 30-1250115

To verify EBC proof of registration with the State Government of Delaware search for EAST BRIDGE COLLEGE through the official link below:

Perfectly valid degrees are legitimately earned via an Online learning higher education programs like the ones offered by East Bridge College (EBC). The pedagogy employed by EBC’s online, higher education degrees are substantially efficient because not only does it involves a very content-specific, and relevant syllabus, but it also endorses a remarkable selection of academic sources, and requires the students to participate in reflective and research-based assessments that can be done without the stress generally associated with traditional exams.

With regards to the acceptance of our application for recognition and accreditation by academic institutions based in other countries, it is important to note that the decision by these institutions will purely depend on them and their judgment of EBC’s programs, quality of faculty, accreditations, professional memberships, and licenses.

East Bridge College (EBC) is a part of the large education conglomerate - Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and is formed in the USA, the UK and Thailand as a degree awarding entity. EBC is self-governing but runs integrated operations with the ACT system to leverage the 14 years of credible and trustworthy experience in the Education ecosystem that ACT boasts of. Both ACT and EBC are part of the same sponsor group.

The recognition of any qualification for employment purposes is a matter within the discretion of individual employers and institutions.