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Skill based courses offered by Amity and ACT will keep you one step ahead in the employment arena

Amity University Online

Amity University Online (AUO) is the only internationally accredited online university with 40,000+ international students.

Amity Student Support

24x7 Academic and Technical Student Support is provided by the university with live interactive sessions

Amity is UGC recognized

Recognised by University Grants Commission (UGC). Amity Universities and the Degrees awarded by them are recognized by the UGC.

Pan India Presence

ACT has offices and operational presence in major Indian cities and boasts of a strong 30,000 alumni base

Award Winning Institute

ACT has fetched a string of national and international awards and recognition

Placement Assistance

100% placement assistance with regular recruitment drive and job posting on ACT social media groups and partner portal

BA with TEFL

Asian College of Teachers (ACT), the Asian leader in teacher education has joined hands with Amity University to offer BA with TEFL, a 3-year skill based online Bachelor’s course comprising of Bachelors in Education designed to increase your knowledge on various subjects related to education and the TEFL component offered by ACT which will train you as an EFL/ESL teacher and enhance your employability in today’s global job market. Amity University’s online learning is considered to be Asia’s No.1 online education platform producing graduates who make “a difference worldwide”. The online program has been specially designed for working professionals or for those who are not in the position to attend classroom programs on a regular basis and look for other easier alternative to pursue Bachelors program.

  • Robust Amity LMS platform designed to deliver seamless online learning experience
  • ACT’s complete online learning support from their experienced tutors
  • Apt for working professionals, unable to attend regular classes
  • Get two qualifications by enrolling in this program – BA in Education and Diploma in Special Education


BA with TEFL program, is brought to you in association with Asia’s No.1 online education provider, Amity University in association with Asian College of Teachers (ACT) and has been designed specifically to meet the growing demand for trained and skilled professionals in the international education market. You not only become a skilled educator but also a professional who will be able to “make a difference worldwide”. The various fields that you will learn in the course include foundation in language, knowledge on society and behavioural science, communication skills, computer applications and various other related subjects. We provide complete tutor support throughout the program from our end to provide you with a seamless learning experience.

  • ACT’s module wise assignments enable to complete the course hassle-free
  • Amity’s Semester wise learning throughout the course, being at par with the international learning trends
  • Learn about society, global social problems, behavioural science, computer applications, curriculum designing, project work, etc.
  • Learn about autism, ADHD and Learning disabilities among young learners
  • The online course can be accessed anytime, and anywhere


  • Can be pursued for a maximum duration of 3 years
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace and time
  • Can be accessed anytime, anywhere
  • Course comes with sufficient audio-video materials
  • Completely online with provisions for doubt-clearing sessions
  • Provision for live interactive session with tutors


Bachelor's Course – Fee in INR

One-time Fee 1,50,000/- INR
Installment Fee 1,60,000/- INR
Exam Fee (per subject) 100/- INR x 18 subjects

Bachelor’s course – Fee in USD

One-time Fee 4000 USD


  • Interested candidates applying for the course will have to wait for the confirmation by Amity University
  • Once confirmed by Amity University Indian/International candidates have to pay the registration fee of 25,000 INR/1000 USD
  • Relevant documents have to be submitted after the payment of registration fee
  • After the documentation, the candidate has to fill up online registration form and pay the University fee
  • For instalment payment or any fee related query please contact our admission department at act@asiancollegeofteachers.com.
  • Payment can be made online or through Bank Draft.
  • Fee for the Degree part can be made directly to Amity University
  • Fee for the Diploma part can be made directly to Asian College of Teachers

Scholarships and Discounts

We have provisions for scholarships and provide concessions in the fees to aspirants belonging to the following category:

  • Defence - Officer (15% Discount On General Fee)
  • Defence - JCO / PBOR (30% Discount On General Fee)
  • Scholarship (10% Discount On 1st General Fee Paid)


Bachelors of Arts (Education) – Amity University

Semester I

SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Foundation Course in Language-I 4
2 Introduction to Society 8
3 Behavioral Science-I 4

Semester II

SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Foundation Course in Language- II 4
2 Global Social Problems 8
3 Behavioral Science-II 4

Semester III

SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Communication Skills 4
2 Educational Psychology and Pedagogy 8
3 Social Research Methods 4

Semester IV

SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 English for Work Purposes 4
2 English for Academic Purpose 8
3 Computer Applications 4

Semester V

SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Educational Guidance 4
2 Educational Technology 4
3 Curriculum Design Principles 4

Semester VI

SL.No Course Title Credit(s)
1 Educational Management 4
2 Educational Evaluation and Statistics 4
3 Project 10


TEFL – Asian College of Teachers

Semester I

Introduction to TESOL

Language Acquisition
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Acquisition Vs. Learning
EFL teaching
  • Methodologies and Approaches
  • Language Learners and their levels

The Study of English

  • Language Learners and their levels
  • Segmental
  • Supra-segmental
Teaching Vocabulary

Teaching Techniques (Language Skills)

Part I
  • Teaching speaking
  • Teaching Listening
  • Teaching reading
  • Teaching writing
Part II
  • Context and Language Modelling
  • Communicative ways
Classroom Management
  • The components
Disaster Management
  • Mixed and large groups

Semester II

Lesson Planning

  • Guidelines
  • Format
  • Samples

Lesson Planning

  • EAP
  • ESP
  • Business Communication

Teaching Young Learners

  • Difference between Adults and YL
  • Different orientation
  • Songs, Rhymes, Stories and games

Text books and Materials

  • Evaluating Text books
  • Types and use of Materials

Research and Self Study

Learning Methods

The course is an online learning program for aspiring and working teachers and others alike - for professionals belonging to the education sector or aspirants who are looking to pursue this customised course while on the go. Both ACT and Amity provide complete online tutor assistance to the candidates in the course of their study so that they may enjoy seamless learning experience. Apart from theoretical content, the course also comprises of audio-visual aids which help you to understand the essence of the course in a better and easier way.

  • Online learning method throughout the course
  • Complete academic and technical student support from both institutes
  • Robust Amity LMS platform designed to deliver seamless online learning experience
  • You can learn at your own convenient pace and time
  • Audio-visual aids for better understanding
  • Provision for face-to-face doubt clearing sessions


Complete online guidance from the experienced tutors of Asian College of Teachers for Diploma in TEFL program and from Amity University faculty for their BA degree program who are committed to helping the candidates to achieve their learning goals. With years of valuable experience the tutors provide great support to the trainees and guide them through all the aspects of teaching giving valuable advice in every step of the way. They extend their tutoring support by sharing relevant information and answering questions related to the course content. Since the course offers flexible learning they can take the opportunity to learn at their own pace and clear all their doubts as and when required.

  • Complete tutor support throughout the course – you can email us, chat with us or even call us, if the need arises
  • Candidates can learn at their own pace
  • Additional support of online videos and reference materials

Placement Assistance

Asian College of Teachers can provide 100% placement assistance to all our past and present students. Students will get access to partner job portal

  • On-campus placement – top organisations visit our campus for recruitment purpose for various positions
  • Online job portal – Teacher’s Job World – various job postings are provided in our partner job portal whereby you can contact the recruiter directly or even through us
  • Social media job postings – on social media sites like in our Facebook page, we post various job vacancies by organisations all over the world. If you like those, you can apply them directly.


On successful completion of the course, you will be conferred a degree certificate – Bachelor of Arts (Education) by Amity University.

Recognised by University Grants Commission (UGC), Amity Universities and the Degrees awarded by them are recognized by the UGC. Amity University is a full-fledged university and not a deemed university.

Online Learning

The BA degree course is available in online learning mode. The online learning is apt for learners who are unable to attend regular classes and look for flexible learning opportunities to learn at their own convenient time and pace. Our experienced tutors and expert faculties will provide you with complete guidance and support throughout the course to ensure you a seamless learning experience.

  • Complete academic and technical student support from both institutes
  • Robust Amity LMS platform designed to deliver seamless online learning experience
  • You can learn at your own convenient pace and time
  • Additional support of online videos and reference materials
  • Comparatively easy on the pocket than regular classes
  • Provision for face-to-face doubt clearing sessions

On Campus Learning

We have provisions for Block Teaching.

We have provisions for face-to-face doubt clearing sessions where candidates may meet the experts in a group and clear their doubts and queries that may be quite not possible to clear over the phone or through email/chat.

During the tutoring session, you will be able to discuss areas such as:

  • any question that you have related to course content
  • clear your doubts related to course assignments
  • questions related to tutor’s feedback on your assignments
  • anything else related to the course


Find out more about what our students feel about the courses

“The course was pleasant and I am satisfied. the tutor and co-coordinator were great. the course material is very useful.”

“I have learned a lot from this course and I am sure that it would help me a lot in my teaching profession.”

“It was worth it. It helped me to develop a fair understanding of students' behaviour and their requirements.”

“I really enjoyed working on the lesson plans and activities. Assignments have helped me to have a deeper understanding of the different aspects of teaching”