Program Overview

East Bridge College has designed Master of Arts in Education with Special Education, an online master degree course that introduces you to Education - designing 21st century classrooms, fostering digital literacy, curriculum development, academic management, educational assessment and evaluation along with expert knowledge on ADHD, Autism, Down Syndrome and other Learning Disabilities and help deliver specially designed instruction and understand Individualized Education Program (IEP). The course explores the strategies and methods of special education that can be used by teachers in today’s inclusive classrooms and create a learning environment fit for all types of learners. The trainees will be awarded a globally recognized degree on successful completion of M.A. in with Special Education from EBC.

  • EBC’s admission process is quite easy and compliant
  • Candidates can apply online and send in their application
  • EBC’s admission department will contact candidates via mail
  • Candidates can opt for any form of online payment method
  • Applications are now open; apply now!

Learning Outcome

East Bridge College (EBC) offers Master of Arts in Education with Special Education puts emphasis on gaining expertise in the field of education with specialization in special education that helps to learn about ADHD, Autism, Down syndrome and other Learning Disabilities to make you a competent inclusive/shadow teacher.

  • The online Master of Arts in Education with Special Education will acquaint you with a comparative study of 20th century and 21st century education
  • You learn skills and strategies to understand the social and emotional competence of all kinds of learners
  • The course will teach you to master the complexity of curriculum designing and contemporary approaches in inclusive teaching
  • It acquaints learners with the history, causes, symptoms and complications of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), Down Syndrome, Autism and various Learning Disabilities
  • You learn to recognize the special learners and provide the right guidance to help them with their learning and shape their future
  • The course help you learn the difficulties of the learners in an inclusive classroom where both regular students and those with disabilities are present
  • Get employed as a teacher or administration managers in senior positions in inclusive learning environments.

Admission Requirement

An online learning university is the best option for those adults and professionals who choose not to attend a formal campus-based university. Every adult student's situation and profile is different, and we like to handle each case individually, with focused attention and care. Contact us to get your questions answered directly. Then, you will be ready to apply for admission. Please note that EBC does not provide visa and immigration services, because all our distance learning degree programs may be completed at home.

Basic admission requirements:

Aspirants from all disciplines can take admission to the Master of Arts in Education with Special Education

  • High School certificate
  • Recognized Bachelor Degree in any field or equivalent level
  • Life Experience and prior learning credits are available
  • English Level – IELTS Level 5.0 or High School study of all subjects in English or at least 55% marks in English in your High School is desired
  • Knowledge of Internet and browsing, MS Word and Online Research Skill is required

The minimum eligibility for enrolling in Master of Arts in Education with Special Education is a Bachelor’s degree. Applicants must complete their Bachelor’s degree in any field or its equivalent as issued by the Ministry of Education in their home countries. Applicants must also demonstrate English competence. English Level – IELTS Level 5.0 or High School study of all subjects in English or at least 55% marks in English in your High School is also required.

All applicants must possess a clear record of good conduct and must be in good health. Specially-abled applicants are encouraged to apply and are ensured equal opportunities.

Program Requirements

  • Complete the full program of study in minimum duration of 18 months, and a maximum duration of up to 36 months.
  • After 42 months duration from enrolment date, the student would need to pay a maintenance bench fee for additional months of extension.
  • Students can attend 6 Live Online Webinar Sessions during the entire program from expert teachers at no additional cost.

Our entire Master program under Faculty of Education has four distinct parts:

  • Part One – Foundation Course which comprises of 10 credits and 1 Subject
  • Part Two – Core Program comes with 30 credits and 6 Subjects
  • Part Three – Specialization of Subjects comes with 20 credits divided into 4 Specialized subjects
  • Part Four – Capstone Project which is a reflective research work comprises of 30 credits


Foundation (10 credits)

  • 1. Psychology and Characteristics of Learners

Core (30 credits)

  • 1. Developing, Planning & Designing learning Environment
  • 2. Digital literacy – 21st Century Classroom
  • 3. Assessment & Evaluation in Education
  • 4. Instructional Strategies
  • 5. Behavioral Management – Social and Emotional Competence of Learners
  • 6. Introduction to Education Research

Specializations (20 credits)

  • 1. Learn about Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
  • 2. Understanding Down Syndrome
  • 3. Autism – Features, Identification and Support
  • 4. Learning Disabilities – Identification and Instructional Approaches

Capstone Project (30 credits) - Choose 1

  • 1. Prepare a paper on any one topic of by attending a one live online webinar from EBC – 5000 words
  • 2. Attend any seminar in Education in your region and create a reflective paper on the same – 5000 words
  • 3. Research Paper – ‘Building an Inclusive Classroom Environment’ – 5000 words

Fees and Funding

Different payment options are available. Payments can be made via Online Bank Transfer, Credit Card, PayPal or Cash at our Global Centers.

Total fee

  • 1, 60,000 INR – If Paying in India

All fees include tax. Fees include all: Program of study, LMS access, study guide, evaluation and assessment, diploma and transcript. Courier charges apply for Diploma and Transcript dispatch to your country. Certificate Notary and Apostille charges are separate from USA. Please check with your admission adviser for more details.

Refund Policy

Once applicants register for a course, they are responsible for dropping any course they decide not to attend.

  • Once a candidate has enrolled in the program and wish to immediately pull out before any access has been granted - 50% of the tuition fee will be refunded
  • No refund for candidates who have received course access and have already started off with the program from EBC
  • Read all Terms and Conditions before making payments
  • Processing of refunds make take up to 3 months


All of our applicants are eligible for scholarships. They are generally customized as per the professional and educational backgrounds of the candidates, and their specific abilities that help them stand out from the others. The scholarship will depend on the educational qualification, area of academic interest as well as the GPA i.e. Grade Point Average of the student, which will measure his/her overall academic grade. Teaching/ training/professional experiences will also be taken into account for the scholarship program. All deserving applicants will find the right scholarship, which will help boost their future plans, and allow them to enjoy an affordable learning experience.


To receive a degree in the program of study the student must achieve the following:

  • Complete and successfully pass Foundation, Core and Specialization as prescribed in the program specification.
  • Obtain a score of 50% and above to satisfactorily pass each subject
  • Complete the full program of study in minimum duration of 18 months, and a maximum duration of up to 36 months. After 42 months duration from enrolment date, the student would need to pay a maintenance bench fee for additional months of extension.
  • Students can attend 6 Live Online Webinar Sessions during the entire program from expert teachers at no additional cost.

Trainees are awarded Master of Arts in Education with Special Education by East Bridge College affiliated to the well-known European International University.

  • East Bridge College (EBC) is accredited, recognized, and is a member of several international bodies. It meets the quality standards of numerous educational organizations in various countries.
  • EBC’s Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree and Professional Doctorate Programs are affiliated by European International University (EIU)
  • EBC is recognized by California University FCE, organized under the California Non-Profit Public Benefit Corporation Law for public and charitable purposes
  • EBC has met all requirements in accordance with the Internationally recognized standard and general requirements for higher education and learning with American Council of Training and Development (ACTD)
  • EBC is an institutional member of AAHEA, Inc.
  • EBC is also a proud member of Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)
  • EBC is a proud member of American Economic Association (AEA) and the National Council on Measurement in Education (NCME)
  • EBC is in academic partnership and part of a massive network group run by Asian College of Teachers (ACT)

Career & Opportunities

Along with teaching, there are several other sought-after careers that can help you fulfill your dreams. Many of those who pursue MA in Education with Special Education opt for teaching in a classroom setting, but this particular Master degree can open up a variety of careers that help people or children with special needs.

However, you may not become a teacher in a special education classroom, because the degree actually prepares the individual who earns it for a variety of jobs in allied areas that take them along different career paths. Hence, you can continue to be a regular teacher in an inclusive classroom.

Other than being special education teachers, there are numerous job opportunities at organizations that provide training, services or advocacy for individuals with disabilities. Many of those careers offer competitive salaries, work flexibility and advancement options that aren’t always available to public or private-school educators. You can always find rewarding careers outside of the school setting after earning your online master’s degree with specialization in special education. Whether you choose to be a teacher in the classroom or pursue other options, this master’s course will help you broaden your career prospects.

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